The Adinfinity Solution

The Adinfinity programmatic solution is comprised of 7 tools that are perfect for the publishers and advertisers. Our solution actions your data so you can send personalised messages to the right audience, at the right time, on the right channel.


Data tool: Red Data

Red Data is the foundation all of our tools. All digital campaigns are built on data which means you need a comprehensive data solution to deliver actionable data wherever it is needed.


Inventory tools: Media Adapt & Profile Share

We have our own proprietary tagging solution tag management platform Media Adapt that collects a mass of data that normal tags, like a floodlight, simply cannot. Using the tag data, you can create a complete 360-degree view of the customer across all channels in one place.

Our data collection and sharing system ProfileShare lets you leverage anonymous profile data more frequently, and across the widest variety of properties. The Profile Share tool makes it easy to build a high value demographically targeted inventory.


Viewability tool: ViziAds™

50% of display ads are never seen = Huge wastage in media and ad serving. If an ad isn’t seen it can’t influence a sale. ViziAds™ serves ads only if they become visible to a site user.

This industry first product enables publishers to improve below the fold yields and to lower ad serving costs. It also decreases their clients’ costs, improves campaign accuracy and brings true industry accountability.


Attribution tool

The attribution model we believe in is something called Linear Attribution, where each customer touchpoint is treated as being equally responsible for the sale. The Adinfinity attribution model focusses on understanding the whole path to conversion and the relative value of each channel.


Optimisation tool

We optimise in real-time across all digital channels such as search, display and social. Within the channel we optimise by audiences, sites, grouped inventory sources, anti-click fraud and bid forecasting. Then across the campaign media mix modelling is performed to drastically improve ROI.


Connector tool

Poor integrations and brittle couplings are too often the norm with major publisher implementations. Adinfinity’s connector tool has been specifically built as a universal integrated framework. It represents a single platform to plug in any vendor technology you want, and seamlesly integrate them in to a single powerful solution.


Reporting tool

We want you to clearly see your success so our comprehensive reporting solution delivers insight-rich cross-channel reports. Each report has a concise campaign summary and displays detailed optimisation, buying and attribution information. We simplify the reporting process with clear client dashboards and automated reports.